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Masters Human Pathology - Society, Environment, Health Issues    Back

Aix-Marseille University Course Type: Master taught Start Date: September
Location: Aix-en-Provence and Marseille, France Duration: Full time - 2 Years Fees/total cost: EUR 510.00


The specialty "Society, Environment and health issues" (Research and Professional) responds to new scientific, economic, environmental and health that are now the issues related to environment and health. Air pollution inside and out, put on the market of new substances such as nanotechnology, psychosocial risks at work, impact of electromagnetic waves, the links between health and the territory are new problems for society:

  • how to assess potential risks?
  • How to communicate about these risks?
  • How to legislate?

To answer these questions, the National Environmental Health Plan 1 and 2 highlight the need to train future professionals and to develop expertise in the field of environmental health.


In terms of knowledge:

The master SENS proposes to acquire a multidisciplinary training on issues related to environment and health. It articulates the medical approach to the science of life sciences and the humanities, within the jurisdiction of DENTES.

  • Knowledge of the main environmental illness
  • Knowledge of multiple structures involved in the field of environment and health: meeting with many skilled players (state services, decentralized services, companies, associations ...)
  • Knowledge of the main regulations governing the interactions between environment / health : PNSE 1 and 2, public health laws ...
  • Knowledge of the main texts regulations in the field of occupational health, business, health territorialized : CUCS, unfit housing ....
  • Basic knowledge of eco-housing
  • Knowledge of procedures for quality action: certification, risk management planning, quality document management
  • Knowledge of interactions between environment / health in developing countries, the effects of globalization
  • Acquired basic ecological health related to global change: vector-borne diseases, health risks, GIS
  • Project Management
  • Acquired in statistics and epidemiology, CLES english

In terms of skills:

Being able to understand, analyze and manage the interactions between environment, health and society.

  • Acquisition of a multidisciplinary approach to thinking among the social sciences, life sciences and medical sciences
  • Construction of a operational study in the field of environment and health
  • Implementation of preventive action
  • Evaluation of action taken: development of satisfaction questionnaires, methods of economic evaluation
  • Quality management, process establishment health indicators and dashboards, Internal Audit (IPC certificates obtained)
  • Exercises metrology health / work and housing
  • Group work, organization of tasks
  • Introduction to GIS mapping


Complementary way to university education, are articulated interventions environmental professionals and health. Two courses are offered:

"Environmental Health and Work": the right to health, knowledge of the main European Directives including REACH (Registration, Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals).

"Environmental Health and Habitat": health and environmental quality places to live, urban policies and health.

The lessons are divided between DENTES (Faculté Saint-Charles) and the Faculty of Timone.

Full time

Start date:
2 Years
Teaching method:
Aix-en-Provence and Marseille, France
EUR 510.00
EUR 510.00
Tuition fees

Course Provider Details

Course contact information

Jean-Louis Mege
Faculty of Medicine
University accredited:
120 ECTS
Last update: 18/02/2015


Module name Credits (ECTS or CATS) Duration Core / elective / recommended Available as Short course (CPD)
Environmental health, habitats and territories 1 6 ECTS core  
Environmental pollution and health 6 ECTS core  
Global change, globalization and health issues 6 ECTS core  
Operation and interaction between humans and ecosystems 6 ECTS core  
Science, Expertise and Public Action: critical approach to notions of sustainable development and health 6 ECTS core  
Social construction of Environmental-Health interactions 6 ECTS core  
Demography population migration 6 ECTS elective  
Environmental Health and territory 2 6 ECTS elective  
Environmental health and work 12 ECTS elective  
Environmental health and work 2 6 ECTS elective  
Imbalance in the environment and mutagenesis, aging and tumorigenic 6 ECTS elective  
Public health issues and specific populations 6 ECTS elective  
Quality, risk and environmental health 6 ECTS elective  
Toxic and allergic processes related to imbalances in the environment 3 ECTS elective  
Application in the workplace - Project Management 6 ECTS  
Biostatistics 6 ECTS  
Health and work 6 ECTS  
Sociological reasoning and methodologies of investigation, English 6 ECTS  
Urban forms, actor from the city and public institutions / spatial dimension of health 6 ECTS